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Mason County, Texas
Hunting Adventures

Call or email now to book a hunting adventure. We have Aoudad, Axis, Blackbuck, Antelope, Corsican, Fallow, Ibex, Mouflon, Sika, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, New Zealand Mountain Goats, Merino, Painted Desert, Four Horn, Catalina, Whitetail, Hogs, Turkeys, Elk and Red Stag.
Rifles, Hand Guns, Bows, or Muzzelloaders...waterver suits you best.
All hunts are guided to assure you of taking a trophy home!
Game is hunted on various ranches in Mason and surrounding counties. Prices may change due to time of year and supply of game. Size of horns and age of game determine the different prices of game. Game is located on different ranches according to breed and price. Hunters only pay for game they shoot. Most hunts are walking or safari style from trucks. Our guides spend many hours in the woods and hills looking for game before your arrival.
Lodging is available upon request and must be booked in advance. Meals are not provided so bring your own food and beverages, or take advantage of local nearby restraunts.

Bring your kids along as we will take the time to make sure they get the trophy they want and the memories to last a lifetime.

Skinning, quartering, and caping of game available. If you are taking the meat home, be sure to bring extra coolers. Processing is available as well as a walk-in-cooler. If you don't want the meat it will be donated to the needy.


$1500.00 Trophy Whitetail Hunt....2-day, guided, and lodging included.

$185.00 Trophy Ram Hunt....2-day, guided, and lodging included.

Call or email to book one of these huntings adventures now, as they will go fast!