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Preparing your bird for the Taxidermist

Get an old pair of nylon stockings (panty-hose). Cut about two (2) feet from the thigh area of the stocking and tie a knot in one end. This is for a big bird like turkey or Goose. (Cut 2 feet from the calf area for smaller birds like ducks or grouse.) Also bring a paper towel and when you harvest that bird stuff the towel down the beak--that will stop the blood from running out. Now put the bird head first into the nylon stocking and just let it slip on down. Tie a knot at the open end. This will hold all of the feathers tight to the body and will prevent them from being broken. All the taxidermist will have to do is cut the knot at the head end and slide it out, i.e. perfect condition!!. Remember, the better shape is in when you take it to your taxidermist the better it will come back to you.

If you are not able to deliver the bird to the taxidermist right away, then you will need to freeze it. So get a plastic garbage bag and put the turkey and stocking into the bag, wrap it and freeze it. What ever you do DO NOT GUT IT!!!!!!!!! Get the meat after you take it to the Taxidermist.

Once a bird is frozen it can be shipped overnight. Ask the taxidermist for more shipping instructions.