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Available Hunts

  • Click here for information on Axis hunts in Texas.

  • Click here for information on New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope hunts.

  • Rio Turkey hunts in Texas: 4 bird for $900.00 per hunter.

  • Merium Turkey hunts in New Mexico: 2 birds plus lodging for $900.00 per hunter.

  • Click here for prices on New Mexico, Utah and Montana hunting adventures.

  • Russia and Alaska: Bear, Moose, Snow Sheep, Urial, BigHorn, Ibex, Maral, Argali, MarcoPolo.

  • Australia: Chital, Elk, Fallow, Hog, Red Stag, Rusa, Sambar, Sika, Black Buck, Chamois Tahr, Water Buffalo, Camels, Australian Feral, also Birds and Fishing.
    For more information on any of the hunting adventures please click here.